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Installations I Golden Steps, Cotton thread, staples, 13.5'x15.2'x10'  
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beilil Liu  




The site-specific installation is conceived and created in response to the unusual architecture space at Form, Space/ Atelier Gallery. St etched from the opposite walls perpendicular to the stairs’ path, the parallel golden threads form folding planes illustrating echoing steps of the 18 aged wood stairs, while their intensity constantly shift as one travels downward or upward through the pathway between the thousands of threads and the wooden stairs.



beilil Liu  

"Using approximately three miles of mustard yellow thread, Beili Liu has created a light infused second staircase. Stapled across the stairwell at Form/Space Atelier, “Gold Stairs” is installed just above head height. Move in relation to this piece and light glimmers against its intense hue.

Descend the steps and the whole zig-zag appears to ripple. The shape of the work itself and the play of light across it compel you to descend the stairs and ascend them again. (Hope for sun when you visit, as the gallery is lit with tall windows, and sunlight performs its own magic on this piece.) Hundreds, thousands of parallel lines will shimmer before your eyes.

Liu has created a lovely way to deconstruct the architecture of a very modestly scaled space and put it back together again. Her seemingly simple, site-specific work offers an idealized view of the gallery’s architecture. With the exhibition space measuring in at thirteen and a half feet wide by ten feet high by more than fifteen feet long, this is no small accomplishment. Stapled into opposite walls at seven feet, two inches above the gallery’s 18 wooden steps, the yellow suspended staircase acts as a delicate wavy mirror".

--Adrianna Grant, Visual Art Source









beilil Liu  
beilil Liu  











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