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Installations I Taken, 6' in diameter, and half empty.half full, room-sized installation, dyed reed, thread  
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beilil Liu  





Taken, 6' in diameter

Fundación Valparaíso, Spain
Form/Space Atelier


"'Taken' is a tangle of wicker suspended from the ceiling. This loose, looping ball of thin wooden reeds contains half circular curls that repeat themselves over and over, forming an airy near-sphere measuring approximately six feet in diameter. The reed (wicker) has been dyed brown (black), and is secured in place with a series of glinting, near-invisible lines of monofilament. “Taken” possesses an organic form, but is not intended to move with the draft generated by a passing observer. It’s a complex, open knot that seems very carefully constructed, with one curve mimicking another, first opening one way, and then the opposite. Despite its airiness the work possesses a sizable heft".

--Adrianna Grant, Visual Art Source



beilil Liu  

Taken detail

beilil Liu  

half empty.half full installed at Nordisk Kunst Project Space, Norway.


beilil Liu    
beilil Liu     Work in Progress






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