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Installations I Lure/惑 Series (2008-2012), Site-Responsive IInstallations, Thread, sewing needle, dimensions variable, (each coil 2-5" in diameter)  
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Beili Liu Lure/Wave  

The ancient Chinese legend of The Red Thread tells that when children are born, invisible red threads connect them to their soul mates. Over the years of their lives they come closer and eventually find each other, overcoming great social divides or physical distances.  Lure Installation Series is inspired by this beautiful legend. Each composition within the series is designed specifically for a unique architectural space. Lure/Canopy is designed to be suspended from the ceiling, forming a vibrant and energetic canopy that enables normal function of the space and architectural elements below.

Lure Series installations make use of thousands of hand-coiled disks of red thread, each pierced at the center by a single sewing needle, enabling its suspension from the ceiling.  A disk may be connected to another, as a pair; and a pair of disks is made from a single thread. Subtle air currents set the red thread coils swaying and turning slowly as the loose strands of thread on the floor drift and become entangled.

Each composition of the Lure Installation Series is designed to carefully respond to the given space and its architectural specificities.


Lure Series is part of the Red Thread Legend Series. See also Tie.Untie, and Bound #2.



Lure/Wave, 2010 UICA

Beili Liu Lure/Wave









Beili Liu Lure/Wave  

Lure/Wave detail 2

Beili Liu Lure/Fall   Lure/Fall, Fiskars Finland 2009
Beili Liu Lure/Forest   Lure/Forest, LA 2009
Beili Liu Lure/Forest  

Lure/Forest installation view

Beili Liu Lure/Rise  

Lure/Rise, Chinese Culture Foundation, San Francisco 2008

Image by Frank Jang







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